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TLLInitChunk Class
This class holds integration settings
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: TreeksLicensingLibrary2.EasyIntegration
Assembly: TreeksLicensingLibrary2 (in TreeksLicensingLibrary2.dll) Version: 2.1.7916.35650 (
public class TLLInitChunk

The TLLInitChunk type exposes the following members.

Public methodTLLInitChunk
Initializes a new instance of the TLLInitChunk class
Public propertyAPIURL
URL of TLL online activation server
Public propertyLicenseFilePath
Determines the path to the license file on target (end user's) computer. Following variables can be used: {appdata}, {systemdrive}, {applicationdir}, {programfiles}
Public propertyLicenseRegistryFullPath
Full päth to registry license storage
Public propertyObfuscationIterations
Obfuscation iterations
Public propertyObfuscationIV
Init vector for license obfuscation
Public propertyObfuscationPass
Password used to obfuscate license content
Public propertyObfuscationSalt
Salt used in license obfuscation
Public propertyProductID
Product ID used within TLL activation server communication
Public propertyPublicKey
Your application's public key
Public propertyRegistryKey
Registry key to store license
Public propertyRegistryScope
Registry scope to store license
Public propertyRegistryValueName
Registry value name to store license
Public propertyTLLLicense
TLL developer license content
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