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TreeksLicensingLibrary2 Namespace

This namespaces contains core features of Treek's Licensing Library 2.0
Public classDefaultRijndaelParameters
Contains default parameters for Rijndael encryption used by Treek's Licensing Library. Feel free to use your own values in Rijndael class.
Public classDeveloperLicense
Use this object's property DeveloperLicenseContent to set your license of Treek's Licensing Library to avoid DEMO message.
Public classHardwareID
This class provides you with computer hardware identification string, unique for each device.
Public classHashes
This class contains functions to calculate hashes of strings and files. Supported algorithms are MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512.
Public classJsonHelper
JSON Serialization and Deserialization Assistant Class
Public classLicense
This class is definition of license object. It's methods can be used to programatically generate licenses.
Public classLicenseSigningKey
This class holds or creates cryptographic keys used to generate licenses.
Public classLicenseVerification
Use this class to verify user's license.
Public classNetworkTime
Allows to get date and time information from online server through the NTP protocol.
Public classProcessElevation
This class holds functions to easily elevate current process and check administrator privileges.
Public classRijndael
This class can be used to encrypt string or any byte (stream) data.
Public classSecureRandom
You can use this class to get cryptographically strong pseudo-random numbers and strings.
Public classTLLInsights
Holds properties that allows to configure if requests TLL Insights will be sent
Public classVersionInfo
Allows to easily access information about TLL version
Public classXMLSerializeHelper
This class allows to easily serialize any object marked with Serializable attribute to/from string