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LicenseVerificationVerifyLicenseString Method

Checks validity of license string. Use optional output arguments to get validated License object and/or error message.

Namespace:  TreeksLicensingLibrary2
Assembly:  TreeksLicensingLibrary2 (in TreeksLicensingLibrary2.dll) Version: 2.1.8318.42066 (
public bool VerifyLicenseString(
	string License,
	ref string ErrorMessage = "",
	ref License VerifiedLicenseData = null


Type: SystemString
String containing license information generated by TLL
ErrorMessage (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Output variable with error message if validation fails
VerifiedLicenseData (Optional)
Type: TreeksLicensingLibrary2License
Output variable with license information.

Return Value

Type: Boolean
Boolean: True if valid license was supplied