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HardwareIDActualHardwareID Property

Use this property to access the hardware ID of computer where this library actually running.

Namespace:  TreeksLicensingLibrary2
Assembly:  TreeksLicensingLibrary2 (in TreeksLicensingLibrary2.dll) Version: 2.1.8318.42066 (
public string this[
	bool ForceRecalculate = false
] { get; }


ForceRecalculate (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
Forces property to not use cached hardware ID when set to True.

Property Value

Type: String
String identifying computer where this library actually running

Return Value

Type: String
String HardwareID of actual machine.
To make hardware ID quickly accessible, it will be cached after first calculcation. You can set optional parameter to force recalculation each time this property is accessed.
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