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TLLInterface Properties

The TLLInterface type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCurrentLicenseFilePath
Public propertyHWID
Contains information about hardware ID of machine where this library is running.
Public propertyInitChunk
Returns actual initchunk object
Public propertyLastVerificationResult
This property holds last license verification result. When license validation fails, this variable will give you more information about why license was denied.
Public propertyLicenseVerificator
Property holding LicenseVerification object for TLLInterface class
Public propertyMyLicense
Returns details of active license.
Public propertyNagScreenConfig
This class holds nag screen configuraton.
Public propertyRegistrationFormConfig
This class holds configuration of TLL registration form. See class definition for further details.
Public propertyRegistrationFormTranslations
Contains list of string messages being displayed by default registration form you can open by calling ShowRegistrationFormMethod
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